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Bruder John Deere 7930 with Front Loader & Tipping Trailer


John Deere 7930 tractor with front grab loader and trailer.

It has the same features as the other models in the Profi-Serie by Bruder collection of large tractors, i.e. a fully glazed cabin with opening doors, a detachable front load, an off-road full floating front axle, and a height adjustable drawbar coupling plus the front grab loader.

This Bruder model, in combination with the tandem axle tipping trailer, offers the little farmers a whole host of ways to have fun. The gates of the tipping tandem axle trailer can be opened on three sides. Also the grain outlet slide can be opened and the top retaining gates are removable. A stabiliser ensures stability and profiled tyres complete the picture.

The tractor can be hooked up to all farming trailers and equipment in the Profi-Serie by Bruder collection.

  • Made from plastic
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 1:16 scale model
  • Approximate size: 80.5 x 17.5 x 20cm
  • Age 3 years +