Husqvarna AutoMower® Limited Edition — Balmers GM
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Husqvarna AutoMower® Limited Edition


NEW FOR 2021!

Husqvarna Automower® Limited Edition - a unique anniversary model celebrating Husqvarna's 25 years as leading robotic mower authority.

It mows complicated lawns up to 1600 m², handling narrow passages and slopes up to 40%, and taking tough terrain in its stride. This anniversary model features Automower® Connect with GPS theft tracking and GPS-assisted navigation and comes in an elegant champagne colored design.

The Automower® Connect app keeps you in control: track, interact and stay updated at the touch of a screen, wherever you are in the world. - a premium model in the X-line series.

  • GPS assisted navigation
  • AutoMower® Connect
  • Automatic passage handling
  • Medium - large lawns
  • Working area: 1600m²
  • Maximum incline: 40%
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Lift & tilt sensors
  • LED headlights
  • 3 year warranty*

Installation: Balmers GM are authorised Husqvarna dealers. Our Technicians are factory trained to correctly install robotic mowers ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation, to do this we need to survey your garden to ensure compatibility in terms of size, slope and layout. Our Technicians can travel up to a 30-mile radius around our Depots in Burnley and Wakefield to do this. Installation and survey charged separately.

*Warranty: Husqvarna Automower® standard two year warranty can be can be extended to three years. The Automower must be registered, installed and serviced annually by an authorised Husqvarna service dealer.