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Stihl FSA 65 Battery Strimmer


Very light and quiet cordless grass trimmer fitted with easy-to-use AutoCut C 4-2 nylon line mowing head. New nylon line can be inserted into the mowing head without opening the casing and the line is automatically readjusted by tapping the cutting head on the ground. Perfect for thinning jobs in the garden and work in noise-sensitive areas.

The AP battery that is needed for the FSA 65 is compatible with all other STIHL AP System tools, and there is a range of batteries to choose from depending on how long you need to use the tools for.

  • Type: Lithium Ion battery
  • Power: 36 V
  • Weight: 2.7 kg (excluding battery)
  • Recommended: AP 100 battery & AL 101 charger
  • Run time with AP 100 battery: 30 minutes
  • AP System
  • Warranty: 2 years

Get a second battery half price when you buy the promotional STIHL cordless tool set with a tool, recommended batteries and charger. The price paid will include the second battery at half price.

FSA 65 - £215 (excluding battery & charger)

FSA 65 - £360 (including AP 100 battery & AL 101 charger)

FSA 65 - £415 (Promo Set: 2 x AP 100 batteries & 1 x AL 101 charger)