Stihl KGA 770 Battery Sweeper — Balmers GM
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Stihl KGA 770 Battery Sweeper

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Battery sweeping machine for large areas both indoors and outdoors up to 2000m².

Stihl MultiClean PLUS sweeping system, 8-point central height adjustment, transport handle, ergonomically shaped 2-fold height adjustment handlebar, battery powered brushes for easy and energy-saving work.

Enables thorough cleaning of edges and corners even when the machine is stationary. The low-wear nylon bristles come with a four year Stihl durability warranty. Container capacity: 50L.

  • Type: Lithium Ion battery
  • Power: 36 V
  • Weight: 16 kg (excluding battery)
  • Recommended: AP 100 battery & AL 101 charger
  • Run time with AP 100 battery: 84 minutes
  • AP System
  • Warranty: 2 years

Stihl MultiClean sweeping system

This system is designed to tackle all kinds of dirt. Cans, plastic bottles, heavy and wet debris? No problem! Debris is effectively brushed up in front of the machine so it doesn't get caught underneath.

Practical waste container

The tall, roomy container carries an impressive amount of debris, yet takes up little space. You can even store the tool upright on the container to save space and no dirt will drop out either.

Central height adjustment and bristle hold-down clamp

Thanks to the central height adjustment, this sweeping machine can handle many different surfaces. The lateral brushes and bristle hold-down clamp means that even areas along walls and kerbs are easy to clean.

Sealing and air filter

All round sealing and two foam filters stop even the finest particles from escaping.

Long-life transmission and ergonomic push bar

Its low weight, long-running gear mechanism with superb power transmission as well as ergonomically designed push bar make this sweeping machine easy to push.