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One of the largest, dedicated garden and groundcare machinery dealers in the UK and still a family run business since 1979!
One of the largest, dedicated garden and groundcare machinery dealers in the UK and still a family run business since 1979!
AutoMowers V Ride-On Mowers : which is better?

AutoMowers V Ride-On Mowers : which is better?

There are many factors to be considered when deciding whether you should buy a ride-on mower or an auto-mower (or a robotic mower as they are often referred too), the topic can be quite complex, but we're here to help you make the decision as easy as possible.

For areas of a ½ acre or more, you’ll find that a walk-behind lawnmower is too small for the job so it’s worth taking a look at a ride-on mower or an auto-mower – but which is better? In this article we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both types of lawnmowers.

AutoMower V Ride-On Mower. Which is better?

Ride-on mowers and lawn tractors can make the work much easier for larger areas as they can mow faster due to their large cutting decks, but equally a robotic mower can do the job just as well and without you having to do any of the work at all.

Before we look at the differences in details and compare why one or the other is better, here’s a short-view of the advantages and disadvantages of ride-on mowers versus auto-mowers.

AutoMowers - the pros & cons

Ride-On Mowers. The pros & cons

AutoMowers save time

One of the biggest advantages of robotic mowers is that they take a lot of work off your hands – automowers work completely automatically! When the machine is installed, it is programmed with the days and times that you would like it to mow, and then it does the rest!

At the appointed time, your auto-mower will start cutting the grass, giving you the time to do something else you’d rather be doing, like sitting out in your garden with a cold beverage or two.

Even the re-charging is done by itself at its own docking station, which it returns to as soon as the battery charge is near depletion, charges itself then carries on again.

 AutoMowers require less maintenance

Compared to a lawn tractor or ride-on mower, robotic mowers require significantly less maintenance. In contrast to a ride-on mower, you do not have to worry about oil changes, air filters or spark plugs.

Maintenance is limited to the regular replacement of the blades – depending on the model of your auto-mower, the blades must be replaced approximately every 3 months (blade disc) or annually (flat blade).

Once a year it’s worth sending your robotic mower into our service department for a thorough clean, blade change and system / software update – we’ll even keep your machine over winter in our ‘Husqvarna AutoMower Hotel’ on a trickle charge!

AutoMowers operating costs are less

Overall, the operating costs of an auto-mower are generally less than half of that for a ride-on mower.

Assuming your garden is approximately one acre, it will use approximately £50 of electricity over the course of a year, whereas compare that to a ride-on mower which may use around £20 in fuel each time you mow – not forgetting the time taken to go to the fuel station to get the fuel!

Quality of cut

With ride-on mowers the quality of cut is dependent on several factors; how often you mow, the length of the grass, the height of cut you choose, whether you’re collecting or dispersing the grass clippings and of course the great British weather!

Robotic mowers work in a similar way to a razor, by shaving small clippings from the grass each day, which then bio-degrade and act as a fertiliser by returning valuable nutrients to the grass. In addition, because it will likely be out mowing every day it reduces the risk of weeds and invasive species becoming established in your lawn and the results – a perfect, lush, and green lawn.


So, there you have it – if you’ve a busy lifestyle and value your leisure time without sacrificing a good looking and healthy lawn, then a Husqvarna AutoMower provides a cost effective alternative to a ride-on mower.

That being said, under certain conditions a lawn tractor would equally be a sound investment – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t enjoy sitting back in ergonomic comfort and cutting the grass with a John Deere lawn tractor!


Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our range of John Deere ride-on mowers and Husqvarna AutoMowers then click here.

Or you may prefer to call into either our Burnley or Wakefield depots to talk to one of our product experts and see the machines yourself – we’d love to see you!

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