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One of the largest, dedicated garden and groundcare machinery dealers in the UK and still a family run business since 1979!
One of the largest, dedicated garden and groundcare machinery dealers in the UK and still a family run business since 1979!
Your garden in late Autumn

Your garden in late Autumn

With Winter just around the corner we're sure you're preparing for cosy evenings sat in front of a roaring fire and candles lit, yet at this time of year in late Autumn lets not forget that looking after your lawn & garden does not stop. 

Here's a few of our seasonal gardening tips which we would recommend to prepare your garden for Winter so it's looking it's best come Spring 2022. 

Watch out for lawn fungus

The biggest threat to your lawn at this time of year is from fungal lawn diseases. No, we don't mean field mushrooms or toadstools, we're talking about more nefarious varieties such as Red Thread, Fairy Ring and Fusarium Patch which can cause long-lasting damage to your lawn if not dealt with. 

Fungus thrives on detritus such as wet leaves that have started to decompose. So, our number one lawn care tip for the moment to prevent infection is to dust off your rake, or leaf blower, and keep that foilage off your turf. 

If you're looking for a leaf blower, whether a lightweight battery blower or a heavy-duty petrol back-pack blower check out our range online:

Battery leaf blowers

Petrol leaf blowers

Theres still time to overseed!

Did you go a bit too low with the mower? Or has local wildlife left your lawn pitted and barren in patches? Now is your last chance before winter to carry out overseeding. 

Overseeding replenishes your grass and helps it become thick and healthy in areas of damage. This treatment is not effective when the cold weather sets in, and frost can kill the seeds if they have not had adequate time to set in so
you may have to live with bare patches until spring.

Don't stop mowing!!

Want to know the secret to a lusciously thick lawn come spring? It's easy — keep mowing the lawn! 

Lots of people are under the impression that you should not mow the lawn between October and March, but actually, this isn't true. Grass still grows during this period, just more slowly, giving it an occasional mow will keep it in good condition.

And finally... seem as though we've mentioned lawn mowers - have you booked your mower in with us for it's annual Winter Service? For all the details about annual machinery maintence and Balmers GM Service menu click here.

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