Stihl Dynamic BT-N Face & Hearing Protection Set — Balmers GM
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Stihl Dynamic BT-N Face & Hearing Protection Set

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Suitable for a wide variety of uses, such as with a smartphone, Bluetooth 4.0, separate AUX input, battery runtime up to 38 hours. With nylon mesh in accordance with EN 1731.

EN 352, SNR 29. (H:33; M:26; L:18).

Equipped with Bluetooth-enabled face, ear and head protection, you can communicate and receive information via your smartphone when you're working, without having to take your device out of your pocket.

A radio link is established via Bluetooth between your smartphone and the ear protection, and data can be transferred wirelessly (range from the smartphone or other electronic devices: approx. 10m)

Stream music and messages, or make calls unsing the 3-button operation directly via your ear protection.