Stihl SR 450 Petrol Mist Blower — Balmers GM
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Stihl SR 450 Petrol Mist Blower

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The STIHL SR 450 is a professional-grade mist blower that covers all the bases. Its low-emission, fuel-efficient engine delivers a 20% greater spray range when compared to other models.

Ideal for distributing liquid disinfectants, chemicals and solid compounds, this back-pack sprayer/duster converts from misting to dusting applications without any special tools or additional equipment.

It’s easy to use and provides excellent control over product feed and air speed. And for additional versitility, the mist blower also quickly converts to a powerful leaf blower for fast debris clean-up.

  • Displacement: 63.3cm³
  • Capacity: 14 litres
  • Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

2-in-1 Conversion mechanism

This SR 450 can be switched easily from spraying to dusting at the turn of a handle - there's no need for a conversion kit.

Tank with large filler opening

The 14-litre container offers exceptional capacity. You can work for longer before having to refill. Filling is quick and clean with the large filler opening. Spillages are kept to a minimum and the container is easy to clean.

Metering system with easy metering lever

The large metering lever on the SR 450 for dusting or spraying granules is just below the control handle. In just a few seconds you can switch the flow of the powder on and off and set the exact amount in precise stages.

One hand multi-function handle

The engine controls and the valve for the sprayer element are on the control handle. In addition to the engine controls, you can switch the sprayer element on and off quickly and effortlessly with one hand.