Husqvarna AutoMower® 550 — Balmers GM
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Husqvarna AutoMower® 550

SKU 967 65 02-03

Robotic mower designed for professional fleet use.

Offering remote control including theft tracking through Husqvarna Fleet Services via PC/tablet, as well as full mower control and configuration via smartphone.

GPS assisted navigation and weather timer ensures uniform coverage of complex lawns, while automatically adapting mowing frequency to lawn growth. Handles all types of lawns and manages steep slopes up to 45% (24°).

Remote Object Detection enables higher mowing speed and area capacity.

  • Husqvarna Fleet Services™
  • AutoMower® Connect fitted
  • Commercial interface
  • Automatic passage handling
  • GPS assisted navigation
  • Anti-theft alarm & GPS tracking
  • Maximum incline: 45%
  • Lift & tilt sensors
  • Weather timer
  • Electric height adjustment

Installation: Balmers GM are authorised Husqvarna dealers. Our Technicians are factory trained to correctly install robotic mowers ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation, to do this we need to survey your garden to ensure compatibility in terms of size, slope and layout. Our Technicians can travel up to a 30-mile radius around our Depots in Burnley and Wakefield to do this. Installation and survey charged separately.