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Stihl DuroCut Mowing Line Pieces

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Pieces of line cut to length for use with STIHL DuroCut mowing heads. The construction with a flexible core and a hard coating with cutting teeth ensures a long service life and high mowing performance. For clean working in high, dense and slightly woody vegetation. 48 line pieces per packet.

Professional Tip! Leave your new mowing line in water for 24 hours before use. This will increase the flexibility and lifespan of the mowing line.

  • For DuroCut 5-2, 20-2 - size L - Ø 2.0 mm x 195 m
  • For DuroCut 20-2, 40-4 - size XL - Ø 3.0 mm x 185 m

  • For DuroCut 40-4 - size XXL - Ø 4.0 mm x 215 m