Stihl MEGACUT Pruning Saw — Balmers GM
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Stihl MEGACUT Pruning Saw

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PR 24 - for branches up to 100 mm

PR 33 - for branches up to 150 mm

With a straight saw blade for general gardening use, horticulture and landscaping as well as the construction industry. Best suited to working at body level.

3-sided Japanese blade, impulse hardened and chrome-plated steel teeth, conical blade shape, ergonomic 2-component handle, corrosion-resistant, holster for mounting on both sides for both left- and right-handed users.


PR 27 C - for branches up to 120 mm

PR 33 C - for branches up to 150mm

With a curved saw blade best suited to overhead and lower level pruning, arborists and professional tree maintenance.

Japanese-style pruning saw with curved blade made of impulse-hardened chrome steel. Conical saw blade shape, ergonomic 2-component handle for quick and extremely precise sawing of branches. Suitable for left- and right-handed users.